Conjure One

[Sleep/Tears From The Moon sleeve]"Sleep/Tears From The Moon" (Single, 2003)


Two key songs from the Conjure One debut get Nettwerk's entirely predictable club targetted remix single treatment but with Rhys Fulber producing on all three it isn't all bad. Ian Van Dahl provides an okay, and very brief 3:15 edit of Sleep. Tears From The Moon (featuring Sinead O'Connor) comes in two flavours. The Hybrid Twisted on The Terrace Mix V.2 (Edit) (phew!) by Swansea-based Mike Truman and Chris Healings (aka Hybrid) chucks in additional beats but at the same time strips back the backing track resulting in a lightweight lemon sorbet. It works well enough.

The Robbie Rivera Mix in the other hand features additional keyboards and guitar by Billy Paul and is longer than the first two tracks combined and quite neatly fills the 8:44 running time. Definitely a small-hours remix this one. A touch of darkness but a solid beat throughout. Probably a tutti fruity with some bits of real fruit in it. By the way, none of the names dropped above mean anything to me. But if you frequent Pascha then perhaps they do to you? 5/10

Rob Dyer (May 2008)

[Conjure One sleeve]"Conjure One" (Album, 2002)


This is the debut album by former Delerium and Front Line Assembly electronic guru Rhys Fulber. Spectrum wise this is firmly towards the Delerium end of the Fulber rainbow. Chilled and decidedly mainstream dance-edge electronica that although offering some fine moments lacks the complexity and class of Delerium. Seemingly tailor made for the charts with a selection of guest female vocalists, this is perhaps Fulber at his most accessible yet. However, whether or not this will achieve the surprise success of Delerium's global club crossover hit Silence remains to be seen.

Some might find it all a bit too affected but even the cynical will find it hard not to be seduced by the glossy chorus of Tears From The Moon. The vocals for which are provided by none other than Sinead O'Connor - surely further evidence of Fulber's pulling power these days? Junkie XL plays on a number of tracks too. There's also a second CD featuring some pretty good remixes designed to fill ever more club dance floors the world over. Adequate but hardly essential - even for Fulber completists. 6/10

Rob Dyer

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