[gee bee sleeve]"gee bee" (Single, 2000)


Having considered Flowchart's Y2AOK one of the highlights of the Enraptured Day Dreaming sampler album, this three tracker (hidden behind a deliciously malevolent sleeve design) comes as something of a disappointment and bares little resemblance to that previous track.

The title track is ten and a half minutes of self-indulgent rhythm analysis. Its use of voices as instruments of rhythm and beat is a good idea throughly underexploited. With a natural life span of five minutes, this extended excursion into a dull and unchanging landscape comes as a major let down. The second track, the almost twelve minute manderine goes way beyond its means, but does at least manage to function as wallpaper music.

The shortest track on this single is the tleilaxu mix of manderine. With more happening in a shorter space of time (just under five and a half minutes) this is the best track here - but that isn't saying much. Of course, it could be that I'm missing the point entirely and that Sean O'Neal and Erin Anderson as Flowchart are pushing the boundaries into hitherto uncharted territory. Somehow, I doubt it. Nevertheless, the searing brilliance of the earlier Y2AOK will still keep me keen for their next release. 4/10

Rob Dyer