[Discordance sleeve]"Discordance" (EP, 2004)

DIFF Records

Knowing that this French duo have appeared on a Depeche Mode tribute, 2003's Children of Depeche Mode also on DIFF, and earlier this year on the Synthphony Records Pet Shop Boys tribute Always On Our Minds will put you in the right ballpark genre wise. For this is synthpop but, as Spock (the alien, not the band) might say, "... not as we know it".

Refreshingly, this four-track EP (their first release) introduces us to a very relaxed take on things. Not the frenetic 80s wannabe sound that so many contemporary synthpop bands feel compelled to pursue. This has a dreamy feel that creates a calming effect. The opening melody from Victim's Heart built around a oboe sound has a timeless quality. Evidence of their compositional skills is cemented when what sounds like an extract from an 80s videogame is blended into the same song without raising an eyebrow.

There's a distinctly low-fi sci-fi Theremin vibe on For Your Own Good but, again, resting neatly on a low-key backing track. The French accent tinged female vocals are quite deep and although sometimes so laid back as to risk sounding almost lazy or flat, the fact that they aren't high-pitched nor in your face is another example of how Foretaste choose to do things differently to charming effect. Anything but discordant. 7/10

Rob Dyer (July, 2006)

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