Liquid Newt

[Walk With Scars sleeve]"Walk With Scars" (EP, 2016) !Recommended!


Liquid Newt is the latest project to feature Frank Spinath who most will know from the once essential Seabound, Edge of Dawn and more recently Ghost & Writer. Here, the German singer songwriter collaborates with Didier Salvatore (of Diskonnekted).

Frankly, (I can say that right?) anyone who is an enthusiast for the output of either of those previous incarnations should lap this up. It's a four track EP, all (including a demo version) are variations on the single composition. But the core song is well-crafted and lends itself naturally to interpretation. Spinath's voice has always carried something special in it. Something about his pronunciation or intonation that simultaneously reflects the analytical side of his academic day job and yet conveys heartfelt passion at the same time.

The intricacies of relationships are the lyrical focus, whilst the music is full of all the aspects that Spinath's projects are so adept at delivering: slow builds, sweeping synthscapes, dry, weighty and bass-heavy percussion. And that distinctive clarity of production. That bass drum sounds like it was created on a Mini Moog in 1979 - gloriously deep and resonant. All wrapped up in the best aspects of the original futurepop sound but (especially on the two remixes) given a contemporary dance edge likely to get even the most reluctant dancer (like me) moving uncontrollably.

Spinath does it once again, effortless demonstrating that when he does choose to turn his hand to a project his natural quality over quantity approach rarely misses a beat. Can't wait to hear the album. Welcome back Frank, good to have you back, and a pleasure to meet you Didier. 7/10

Rob Dyer (November 2016)

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