Matt Berry

[Music For Insomniacs sleeve]"Music For Insomniacs" (Album, 2014)

Acid Jazz

Like KMFDM, there's no such thing as an entirely 'new' Matt Berry album. And like with KMFDM, this is a good thing. There will always be tracks that heavily reference previous tracks, even when the style is different. Repeated lyrics or melodies. 

The current Music For Insomniacs even references the first of two albums from 2013 in the cover. The eyeball on the front clearly referencing the eyeball at the centre of the Remembrance Day poppy on the cover of Opium. This is just two ambientish largely instrumental tracks - Music For Insomniacs (Part I) and (Part II), but there are still fleeting call-backs to Kill The Wolf and Witchazel. But in stream of consciousness form still references Opium more than either of those. Opium itself referenced his TV shows, not least in that the humour is to the fore. This is more like a soundtrack than anything, so the eyeball works not only as a reference to Opium, but a reference in both to his visual projects too. 

Matt Berry can do no wrong. 7/10

Arron Leslie (May 2014)