Noxious Emotion

Senses sleeve"Senses" (Album, 2003)

ADSR Musicwerks

Amateurish if hard to dislike EBM-lite from Seattle-based Mike Wimer who runs the ADSR Musicwerks record shop, label and magazine. At its best this sounds like late Joy Division or early New Order bedroom demos that didn't quite come up to muster to make their way onto albums; and there are a handful of songs that, albeit sounding very dated, are undeniably infectious.

There are some terrific wistful string synth backings to several tracks and superb lead melodies but the potential of these is too often undermined by cheap sounding production, some clunky structures and Wimer's limited vocal ability. Nevertheless, this does have its moments. This was Wimer's seventh release under the Noxious Emotion banner and, to date, his last. 6/10

Rob Dyer (June, 2009)