Psyclon Nine

[Divine Infekt sleeve]"Divine Infekt" (Album, 2003)


Overly familiar harsh electro in the vein of Suicide Commando et al. Even in 2003 this didn't sound groundbreaking. The synth sounds are pretty unimaginative, the film samples predictable, and the vocals are the usual cliched screeched grumblings about the decay of mandkind and mental anguish. Resurrekt and Rusted are the best examples of the formula working well enough, but this is one musical sub-genre that has more exponents than the style can support. It just doesn't have the potential for depth that would warrant so many 20 somethings who think their angst-ridden and angry sharing their all-too-familiar 'unique' take on the world. For more genuinely personal worldviews but still within the genre I'd recommended Controlled Collapse or Dioxyde instead. 4/10

Rob Dyer (May 2008)

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