['Pulby' sleeve]"Pulby" (Demo, 2002)


Pulby aka Maurice Carlin's self-titled demo carries four brief, laid-back melodic pop songs combining simple guitar hooks, rustling programmed rhythms and organ-like keyboards. One Red Eye is tight and to the point and The Troubles I've Had follows on directly from the opener but the lilting vocals fail because they are more forced. The song, such as it is, is little more than an extended riff idea, but Pulby's relaxed style is appealing. Listening to this I had visions of a guitarist sitting on an open-top bus, swaying from side to side, leisurely touring the English countryside in summer.

It's only on Wherever We Go Now that the Pulby style really gels. This still has all the previous characteristics but the basic guitar melody is immeasurably of a higher order both than what has gone before or what follows (on Fallin'). Carlin's voice blends seamlessly with the music probably because, unlike elsewhere, it is never stretched beyond its means. This track is light, bitter sweet, almost twee. Spartan yet extremely effective - a definite calling card faintly recalling the early Creation stuff. If Pulby were to investigate further the Wherever We Go Now angle we'd be more attentive. 5/10

Rob Dyer

Official Pulby website: http://www.deaddigital.com