Silence Is Sexy

[Silence Is Sexy sleeve]

"Silence Is Sexy" (EP, 2003) !DSO Recommended!

Self Release

Welcome debut from this impressive UK duo. Glamour electro pop has been gone from sight for too many years. Ignoring the largely lame and uninspired 'electroclash' movement, there's been little to excite those electronic taste buds since those heady, 80s party days when the likes of Soft Cell, Dead or Alive, et al topped the charts. Having been blown away by Silence Is Sexy last year in a support slot to Wolfsheim, I was happy to receive a copy of this self-released EP.

Five tracks of pumping, electro dance pop, that remind you what pleasures can be had from uninhibited but talented electro pop song writing. From the introductory In Electro, Baby, through the high-sheen, gender bending pout of Glamour Boy, onto the moody Pioneer Ten that proves there's more dimensions to this boy/girl team than you might first assume. Then, we've the anthemic King and Queen - it's this song that ran around my head for weeks after seeing them live. Lastly, Perfect Dream rounds off this great debut with a Telex/Dead or Alive-like beat number.

With the formidable combination of Sebastian's song writing and Tara's stunning voice there's no telling where these two could go. And with single sales being as low as they are these days, there really would be no justice (or taste left) in the UK if Silence Is Sexy didn't chart before too long. They deserve every success that I hope comes their way. 8/10

Rob Dyer (January 2005)