[An Introduction To... sleeve]"An Introduction to... Simeone" (Album, 2012)

Le Coq Musique 

This is a bit of an oddity. A 'compilation' by Lee Simeone - a solo artist who only has one release prior to this. Proceeds from the sales of which are to be given to charity. Released by Le Coq Musique - a small independent UK label set up by Adam And The Ants' Kevin Mooney and Gary Asquith of Renegade Soundwave. 

This is a pretty transparent channelling of Simeone's influences. Covers of Ultravox! (Hiroshima Mon Amour), The Cure (Lovesong) and Karel Fialka (Today Is Yesterday) are each drooling fan works and, albeit approached with the best intentions, all fail. Meanwhile, the original composition ranges somewhat wildly (which works as much in its favour as against it) from instrumental ambient to folksy pop. Most effective are the instrumentals. 

The voice is borderline. At its best it reminds one of first album Sean Lennon. At its worst, its flat and tuneless. There obviously a lot of energy and enthusiasm going into this (Simeone wrote, performed, produced and recorded the entire album), it just needs to be matched by writing ability and a more ruthless quality filter and then Simeone could be onto something more rewarding. 5/10

Rob Dyer (December 2012)