[Electric Jesus sleeve]"Electric Jesus" (Single, 1998)


Hidden behind the misleading, pseudo heavy metal sleeve (and name) is a startlingly proficient couple of big beat dance tunes. The name Steve Hovington (vocalist with 80s electro pop outfit B-movie) was the reason I picked up (at a boot fair for a quid) this curiosity and I'm glad I did. The Chemical Brothers, Fluke and Underworld are all points of reference, whilst Justin Robertson, Leftfield and Carl Cox have all appeared on other Jackpot label releases.

The truncated Radio Edit of Electric Jesus doesn't get the chance to shine. In its full six minute glory, this is right up there with the very best of the commercial dance techno acts. Quite possibly the result of too many hours spent playing Wipeout on the Playstation, Electric Jesus is almost ruthless in its efficiency as a trip into intoxicating club beatz. Better still is the superb Day of the Saints mix. Coming in at over seven minutes and featuring a sample of the spinning bicycle wheels from Kraftwerk's Tour de France, this has more happening and more changes and never runs out of ideas. I was involuntarily chicken-necking and foot tapping throughout.

The fourth and last track, Six, begins with an Underworldish rhythm and percussion breaks, but is less mesmerising that what has passed before. Aside from Hovington, John Horrocks is on guitars and Lee Milleare handles all the synths and drum programming. The album Krakatoa is also available on Jackpot and on the strength of this single should be worth tracking down. Mr Hovington and co. I wish you well. 7/10

Rob Dyer