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Thierry Holweck - "When Animals Attack"

AUTOHAUs - "Schlecht Zum Chatten" (R)

Anlor - "Fragments Of A New Past"

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a-ha- "Analogue"

acceleradeck - "narcoticbeats"

Accessory - "Deadline"

Accessory - "Underbeat"

Adam and the Ants - "Ant Box"

AkA - "Dataism" (R)

All Saints - "Black Coffee"

Alphastone - "Life's A Motorway"

Altered States - "Designer Gene Pool"

AlterRed - "Dollstown"

AlterRed - "The Electro Creepshow"

AlterRed - "Mind-Forged Manacles"

Amethyst - "Electric Jesus"

Ammo - "The Age of Terminal Irony"

Amp - "All of Yesterday Tomorrow" (R)

And One- "Tanzomat" (R)

And One - "Zerstörer"

Angel Theory - "Fatal Condition"

Angels and Agony - "Eternity"

Anlor - "Fragments Of A New Past"

Anthrax - "All For The Cause"

Anthrax - "The Beg Society"

Anthrax - "Fear/Surprise Surprise"

Anthrax - "Serf's Up" (R)

Anthrax - "Split 7" EP"

Apoptygma Berzerk - "Harmonizer"

Appliance - "Re-conditioned" (R)

Arms and Sleepers - "The Organ Hearts"

Ashbury Heights - "Take Cair Paramour"

Ashbury Heights - "Three cheers for the newlydeads" (R)

Astrobotnia - "Cylobotnia"

Attrition - "All Mine Enemys Whispers: The Story of Mary Ann Cotton"

Attrition - "Dante's Kitchen" (R)

Attrition - "Tearing Arms From Deities"

Audiowar - "Negativity" (R)

Auto Aggression - "Artefacts" (R)

Auto-Auto - "Dancing Through Dark Times"

Auto-Auto - "Sounds of A New Generator"

AUTOHAUs - "Schlecht Zum Chatten" (R)

Autons - "Roots of Autons"

Autons - "Short Term Manifesto" (R)

AZ-Rotator - "Science of Chance"

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Karl Bartos - "Communication" (R)

B.C. Camplight - "Hide, Run Away"

Beerbohm (& Moebius) - "Double Cut"

Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand - "Red Threads"

Berry, Matt - "Music For Insomniacs"

BIOsonic - "Northern Plains"

Birthday Massacre, The - "Imaginary Monsters"

Black, Jon - "Reiss Sampler/01"

Black, Jon - "Sci-Fi Music"

Black Light Ascension - "ashes" (R)

Black Lung - "The Coming Dark Age"

Blancmange - "Blanc Burn"

Blaubac - "Perdurance"

The Bleak Industrialists - "Norway" (R)

Blutengel - "Tränenherz"

Boards of Canada - "In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country" (R)

Bondism - "Wild Is The World"

Boole - Self-Titled

Bosh, Harald - "Die Sonne Scheint fur alles Umsonst"

Boshetumay - "Signal"

Brutalist Architecture In The Sun - "Concrete Pop" (R)

Brutalist Architecture In The Sun - "Post Democracy EP1" (R)

Bug, The - "Tapping The Conversation"

Burnt Cross - "Anathema"

Burnt Cross - "Life Is A Battlefield"

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Cabaret Voltaire - "Groovy, Laidback and Nasty"

Cdatakill - "The Cursed Species"

Celluloide - "Words Once Said"

Cesium:137 - "The Fall"

Chemlab - "Oxidizer"

Christian, Anne - "Twilight"

Clan of Xymox - "In Love We Trust"

Clark, Anne - "The Smallest Acts of Kindness"

Clear Vision - "Deception"

cleen - "second path" (R)

Click Click - "Those Nervous Surgeons" (R)

Closer We Are To Dying, The
- "Life Is Beautiful"

Cobalt 60 - "Twelve"

Coil - "The Consequences of Raising Hell: The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser"

Collapse Under The Empire - "The Silent Sky"

Coleco Music - "Confessions In A Chatroom"

Combichrist - "Making Monsters"

Combichrist - "Never Surrender"

Concrete Lung - "Die Dreaming"

Concrete Lung - "Subtract Nerve"

Concrete Lung - "Versions of Hell" (R)

Concrete Lung - "Waste of Flesh"

Congavata - "Latitude"

Conjure One - "Conjure One"

Conjure One - "Sleep/Tears From The Moon"

Controlled Collapse - "Injection"

Convulsion - "Are We Waiting?"

Coreline - "Bone and Blood as Stone and Mud" (R)

Costello, John - "Autotron" (R)

Costello, John - "The Enemy Is the State" (R)

Covenant - "Dreams of A Cryotank"

Covenant - "Euro EP"

Covenant - "Europa" (R)

Covenant - "Final Man EP"

Covenant - "Last Dance"

Covenant - "Leaving Babylon" (R)

Covenant - "Sequencer [Beta]" (R)

Covenant - "Synergy"

Covenant - "Synergy - Box Set"

Covenant - "tour de force"

Covenant - "United States of Mind"

Cult With No Name - "Above As Below"

Cult With No Name - "Adrenalin" (R)

Cult With No Name - "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"

Cult With No Name - "Careful What You Wish For" (R)

Culture Kultür - "Revenge"

Culture Kultür - "Spirit"

Cylob - "Cylobotnia"

Cylobotnia - "Cylobotnia"

Cynical Existence - "Beholder"

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Dacianos - "Hold Music"

Daft Punk - "Tron Legacy" (R)

Dance or Die - "Nostradamnation" (R)

Das Flüff - "Meditation and Violence" (R)

Days of Fate - "Traffic"

db2 - "the_demo"

Death in Vegas - "The Contino Sessions" (R)

Deathsquad - "Adventures In No-Fi"

Deathsquad - "Centipede Strapon Masquerade"

Deathsquad - "The Graveyard Shift EP"

Deathsquad - "Milk The Prostrate"

Decoded Feedback - "Combustion"

Decayeden - "Dead Angels & Forgotten Ghosts"

Decoy - "Heartwerk"

Dekad - "Sin_Lab"

Delerium - "Archives Vol.1"

Delerium - "Archives Vol.2"

Delerium - "Best of, The"

Delerium - "Karma" (R)

Delerium - "Odyssey - The Remix Collection"

Demian Clav - "Nightfall Prayers"

Demian Clav - "Wisteria Lodge"

Department, The - "Alpha"

Department, The - "As If Transformed"

Depeche Mode - "Delta Machine"

Depeche Mode - "Tour of The Universe"

Depeche Mode - "Sounds of The Universe"

Destroid - "Silent World"

Devo - "Something For Everybody" (R)

Devour Ensemble - "The Moon's Bright 3rd"

Diefenbach - "Diefenbach"

Digicore - "Without Freedom"

Dioxyde - "Social Phobia"

Dismantled - "Anthem"

Dismantled - "Breed To Death"

Dismantled - "Dismantled"

Dismantled - "Post Nuclear"

Dismantled - "Standard Issue"

Dogshite - "Split 7" EP"

Download - "LingAM" (R)

DRAGONS - "Here Are The Roses" (R)

Dreams Divide - "Puppet Love"

Dreams Divide - "Tears From The Night Sky"

Dream Into Dust - "The Lathe of Heaven"

Dupont - "New Dawn"

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Edge of Dawn - "Borderline Black Heart"

Edge of Dawn - "Enjoy The Fall"

Edge of Dawn - "The Flight [Lux]" (R)

Edge of Dawn - "The Flight [Lux]" (promo single)

8-Bit Operators - "Enjoy The Science: Tribute to Depeche Mode"

Eldar - "Amaterasu Shiroi"

Electric Orange - "Cyberdelic"

Elegant Machinery - "A Decade of Thoughts"

Emmon - "Closet Wanderings" (R)

Emmon - "Rock D'Amour"

Empire State Human - "Pop Robot"

Empusae - "Funestus" (R)

Erasure - "The Violet Flames"

Euphoria - "*"

Ex-men, The - "Famous"

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Faderhead - "Black Friday"

Fair Sex, The - "TFS"

Faithful Dawn - "I Am Nothing"

Faithful Dawn - "Temperance"

Faithful Dawn - "You Are Here"

Fauxliage - "Fauxliage"

Fiel Garvie - "Leave Me Out of This"


Flesh Field - "Strain"

Flowchart - "gee bee"

Flowers In The Dustbin - "I'm An Artist, Your Rules Don't Apply"

Folksongs For The Afterlife - "Folksongs For The Afterlife"

Foreheads In A Fishtank - "Yeah Baby Wow"

Foretaste - "Discordance"

Foxx, John -"Modern Art (The Best of...)"

Foxx, John - "My Lost City" (R)

Foxx, John & Louis Gordon - "Live From a Room (As Big As A City)"

Foxx, John & Louis Gordon - "The Pleasures of Electricity"

Foxx, John & Louis Gordon - "Retro Future" (R)

Fractured - "Only Human Remains"

Freudstein - "Mondo Freudo"

Front Line Assembly - "Civilisation" (R)

Front Line Assembly - "Echogenetic"

Front Line Assembly - "Improvised Electronic Device"

Front Line Assembly - "Shifting Through The Lens" (R)

Front 242 - "Geography (remastered)"

Front 242 - "Pulse" (R)

Sacrilege - A Tribute To Front 242 - Compilation

Future Perfect - "Escape"

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Gahan, Dave - "Dirty Sticky Floors"

Galan Pixs, The - "Boredom International"

Galan Pixs, The - "Crackerjack EP"

Gardenbox - "untitled"

Girls Under Glass - "Ohne Dich"

Girls Under Glass "Zyklus" (R)

Global Citizen - "Don't Make It Slow" (R)

Global Citizen - "Master Stroke"

Global Citizen - "Nil By Mouth" (R) 

Gordon, Louis & John Foxx - "Live From a Room (As Big As A City)"

Gordon, Louis & John Foxx - "The Pleasures of Electricity"

Gordon, Louis & John Foxx - "Retro Future" (R)

Go-X - "Dance Again"

Greenhaus - "A Fool's Paradise"

Greenhaus - "Another Life" (R)

Greenhaus - "Instrumental" (R)

Greenhaus - "The Unmistakable Sound of Sloth"

Greenhaus - "You're Not Alone"

Gridlock - "Formless" (R)

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Hagar The Womb - "Haigiography"

Hagar The Womb - "Hated By You Daily Mail"

Halou - "Wiser" (R)

Hanzel und Gretyl - "Scheiss Messiah"

Haujobb - "Ninetynine" (R)

Haujobb - "Vertical Theory"

Heal, Marc - "The Hum" (R) 

Heretics - "Wealth = Success" (R)

H.I.V.+ - "Other Mystic Territotires/Censored Frequencies"

HK 119 - "HK 119"

Hocico - "Signos de Aberracion"

Holweck, Thierry - "When Animals Attack"

Holy Gang - "Free Tyson Free!"

Human Greed - "Consolation" (R)

Hydra - "Demo"

Hydra (Polydor) - "Spooky Weirdness"

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i! - "i!pad"

IAMX - "The Alternative" (R)

Id, The - "Dreams of the Dreadnought"

Inertia - "Alive"

Inertia - "Deworlded" (R)

Inertia - "No Defect"

Inertia - "Streaming"

Insekt - "Teenmachine"

Insides - "Euphoria"

Interlace - "Imago"

In The Nursery - "Blind Sound"

In The Nursery - "Calling, The" (R)

In The Nursery - "Cause + Effect" (R)

In The Nursery - "Engel"

In The Nursery - "Era"

In The Nursery - "Fall Of The House Of Usher, The"

In The Nursery - "Groundloop" (R)

In The Nursery - "A Page of Madness" (R)

In The Nursery - "1961"

In The Nursery - "Passion of Joan of Arc, The"

In The Nursery - "Praxis"

In The Nursery - "Psalter Lane 25.06.81"

In The Nursery - "Stone Bruises"

I, Synthesist - "Art of Survival"

I, Synthesist - "Avalanche"

Ivory Frequency - "The Strangest Callings" (promo single)

Ivory Frequency - "Today"

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Jäger 90 - "Fleisch Macht Böse"

Jan Doyle Band - "The Body Balanced" (R)

Javelynn - "Chimaera At Heart"

Jensen - "Zero One [Redux]"

Je$us Loves Amerika - "FYA"

Jet Noir - "Emotional Chess"

John Merricks Remains - "Digging Up The Remains"

Johnny Panic - "Dislocation"

Johnny Panic - "The Good Fight"

Jonteknik - "Giants Under The Microscope" (R)

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K-Nitrate - "Stark Punkt"

K-Nitrate - "Voltage"

- "More Than Dawn"

Karda Estra
- "A Winter in Summertime"

Kid Spatula - "Full Sunken Breaks"

KiloWatts & Vanek - "Focus and Flow" (R)

Kinder aus Asbest - "Inside"

Kinetik - "I.S.D.N."

Kinetik - "Marconi"

Kinetik - "Modem Times" (R)

Kinetik - "Modem Times Supplement"

Kinetik - "Modem Times Video Supplement"

Kinetik - "Refined (Special Edition)"

Klake - "Chasing Silence"(R)

Kobayashi, Leeloo - "Playthings"

Kommand+Kontrol - "Dead Ground Ahead"

Kommand+Kontrol - "Full Frontal Assault -The Second Front"

Kommand+Kontrol - "Watched By Machines"

Komputer - "Komputer E.P."

Kopfuss Resonator - "spect-® module"

Kraftwerk - "Expo 2000"

Kraftwerk - "Tour de France Soundtracks"

Ku - "Latitude"

Kubo - "I Dream Electric"

Kutosis - "Vultures"

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Laptop - "Gimme The Nite"

Laswell, Bill - "Oscillations 2"

Lead Into Gold - "Age of Reason"

Leech Woman - "Three 3 Zero"

Lionrock - "Wet Roads Glisten"

Louche, Jared - "Covergirl"

Lowe - "Breathe In Breathe Out"

Lowe - "Evolver"

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Machine - "Please Yourself"

Mad e.p. - "Eating Movies" (R)

Male or Female - "And Failed Destruction"

Male or Female - "...Recalled Moments" (R)

man(i)kin - "sacrament EP"

man(i)kin - "sem(i)nal"

Manufactura - "Precognitive Dissonance" (R)

Maruta Kommand - "Holocaust Rites"

Mary X - "My Perfect Desire"

Mechanical Cabaret - "Beyond Science And Superstition" (R)

Mechanical Cabaret - "Careful Careless"

Mechanical Cabaret - "Cheap and Nasty/See Her Smile"

Mechanical Cabaret - "Damaged Goods" (R)

Mechanical Cabaret - "Disarmingly Charming"

Mechanical Cabaret - "Disco Vandalism" (R)

Mechanical Cabaret - "I Lost My Friend To A Video Game"

Mechanical Cabaret - "Ne Plus Ultra" (R)

Mechanical Cabaret - "Ortonesque" (R)

Mechanical Cabaret - "Product For Your Insecurity"

Mechanical Cabaret - "We Have An Agenda"

Menschliche Energie - "Neuroderivat"

Method Cell - "Curse of A Modern Age"

Mikkokoo - "Gauzes" (R)

Mild Peril  - "Alpha Zone"

Mina Harker  - "Bittersüß"

Mind.In.A.Box - "Certainty"

Mind.In.A.Box - "Crossroads"

Mind.In.A.Box - "Dreamweb"

Mind.In.A.Box - "8 Bits"

Mind.In.A.Box - "Lost Alone" (R)

Mind.In.A.Box - "Revelations"

Mindless Faith - "Medication For The Misinformed"

Mindless Faith - "Momentum"

Mirrors - "Lights and Offerings" (R)

MiXE1 - "Module 02"

Mob, The - "Rise Up" (R)

Moby - "Everything Is Wrong"

Modovar - "The Covers EP"

Modovar - "The Sea of Unspoken Words"

Moebius & Beerbohm - "Double Cut"

Moore, Alan & Tim Perkins - "Angel Passage" (R)

Mortal - "Deco"

Moulton, Alex - "Exodus" (R)

Mr Scruff - "Keep It Unreal"

Mulu - "Smiles Like A Shark"

Munkie - "Chemical Process"

Munkie - "Dark Corners"

Munkie - "Progression"

µ-ziq - "royal astronomy"

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Naked Lunch - "Alone"

Naked Lunch - "Beyond Planets" (R)

Naked Lunch - "Slipping Again, Again"

Narcissus Pool - "Life's Bitch Tapestry"

Nekromantik - "Dress It Up In Monochrome and Tell Us It Is Art"

Nekromantik - "The Fairy Catcher"

Neongrau - "spam n space"

Neuropa - "Plastique People (Expanded Version)"

New Mind - "Phoenix"

Nine, The -"Dreamland"

Nitzer Ebb - "Industrial Complex"

Nitzer Ebb - "Big Hit" (R)

Noblesse Oblige - "Affair of the Heart" (R)

Node - "Node"

Notstandskomitee - "Automatenmusik"

Noxious Emotion - "Senses"

Nude - "Let Me Go"

Nude - "Shame"

Nydhog - "Status Notification: Failure"

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Opus III - "Mind Fruit"

Orbital - "The Box"

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - "History of Modern"

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - "Songs 4 Hate And Devotion" (R)

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Pacifica - "Modern Technology Meets Sexual Obsession"

pacificUV - "Weekends"

Pain Machinery, The - "Terminate Transmission"

Pakt - "Freiheit"

Panama Kings - "Young Blood"

Parralox - "Hotter"

Parralox - "Metropolism"

Part1 - "Funeral Parade"

Part1 - "Pictures of Pain"

Passengers - "Original Soundtracks 1"

PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF - "Baustoff (Popmusik für Rohleger)"

PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF - "Demokratischer Sektor" (R)


Pedagree Skum - "Split 7" EP"

Perkins, Tim & Alan Moore - "Angel Passage" (R)

Plone - "For Beginner Piano" (R)

Poison Girls - "Persons Unknown/Statement (Orchestral)" (R)

Portal - "EP"

Portal - "Promise" (R)

Portion Control - "Crop" (R)

Portion Control - "Pure Form" (R)

Portion Control - "Violently Alive" (R)

Pouppée Fabrikk - "The Dirt"

Pride and Fall - "Beyond Flatline Tour 2004"

Pride and Fall - "Elements of Silence"

Pride and Fall - "Nephesh"

Pride and Fall - "Of Lust and Desire"

Project Pitchfork - "Renascence"

Prothese - "Geography" (remastered) (tracks)

Psyche - "Imaginary Life (DVD)"

Psyclon Nine - "Divine Infekt"

Pulby - "Pulby"

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Railgun - "Delta V EP"

Random - "Happy Ending After All"

Random - "Some Random Gameboy Tunes"

Ras.Al.Ghul - "Sinmatic Layers"

Redskins - "Neither Washington, Nor Moscow"

rhivs - "Nuit/Feenoir"

rhivs - "rhiVirus" (R)

Rotersand - "Dare To Live"

Rotersand - "Emerging Oceans"

Rotersand - "Exterminate Annihilate Destroy "

Rotersand - "Random Is Resistance"

Rotersand - "War on Error"

Rotersand - "Welcome To Goodbye" (R)

Rubikon - "Wonderland"

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Sanction This - "Subject To No One"

Sanction This - "Wipe Us Out"

Scant Regard - "Burnt Pop Cycles"

Schengen - "EP"

Sci-Fi Industries - "Architectural Development"

Sci-Fi Industries - "Dead People On Stylish Chairs"

Seabound - "Beyond Flatline"

Seabound - "Beyond Flatline Tour 2004"

Seabound - "Double-Crosser" (R)

Seabound - "Hooked"

Seabound - "No Sleep Demon"

Seabound - "Poisonous Friend"

Scruff, Mr - "Keep It Unreal"

Sector - "Industrial Cosmetics"

Sickness - "The Fall of Reason"

Sickness - "Loss, Decay and Insanity" (R)

Silence Is Sexy - "Silence Is Sexy EP" (R)

Silent Scream - "Carrion Screaming"

Simeone - "An Introduction To..."

Sisters of Mercy, The - "BBC Sessions 1982-1984" - "Time and Timing"

6th Sense Approach - "Relax 2000"

Skindive - "Skindive"

Slab - "Revelations Chapter 1"

Slug - "Split 7" EP"

Snog -"Adventures in Capitalism" (R)

Somatic Responses - "Dying Language"

Sound Smith - "History In Our Heads"

Sourmilk - "Everybody Is Turning To Gold"

Spacebuoy - "Breathe"

Spahn Ranch - "Architecture"

Spahn Ranch - "Closure"

Spatula, Kid - "Full Sunken Breaks"

Spectra Paris - "License to Kill"

S.P.O.C.K. - "2001: A S.P.O.C.K. Odyssey"

Stromkern - "Light It Up"

Stromkern - "Stand Up"

Sub-Fusion - "Basic Instincts EP"

Suicide Commando - "Anthology"

Suicide Commando - "Axis of Evil"

Suicide Commando - "Bind, Torture, Kill"

Suicide Commando - "Cause of Death: SUICIDE"

Suicide Commando - "Face Of Death"

Suicide Commando - "Fuck You Bitch"

Suicide Commando - "Godsend/Menschenfresser"

Suicide Commando - "Implements of Hell"

Suicide Commando - "Love Breeds Suicide"

Sulpher - "Spray"

S.V.D. - "Big Bad City"

sveldt - "bi-polar"

Swarf - "Fall EP"

Synthetic - "ADSR"

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Takla Makan - "Latitude"

Takshaka - "20 Minutes Into The Future"

Talvekoidik - "silent reflections" (R)

Tarmvred - "Subfusc" (R)

Tekton Motor Corporation - "Champions"

Temposhark - "Invisible Ink/Little White Lie"

Temposhark - "It's Better To Have Loved"

Ten City Nation - "Exhibition Time Again"

Tenek - "Another Day"

Tenek - "EP2"

Tenek - "Smoke & Mirrors" (R)

Terminal Sound System - "Solaris"

Thermidor - "1929" (R)

Thermostatic - "The Box"

Thermostatic - "Private Machine"

Thermostatic - "So Close So Near"

These Crimson Dreams - "Transitory Surface"

Thirteen - "Believe/Da Casio"

Tik + Tok - "Dream Orphans"

Tik + Tok - "Slightly Deranged"

Trademark - "Want More" (R)

Twilight Electric - "Memories" (R)

Twilight Electric - "Rawk Hard"

2 by bukowski - "What a long, strange journey this has been" (R)

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UK Decay - "Rising From The Dread" (R)

Ultraviolence - "Superpower"

Ultravox - "The Very Best of Ultravox"(R)

Underviewer - "Geography" (remastered) (tracks)

Universal Poplab - "I Could Say I'm Sorry"

Universal Poplab - "Uprising"

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Velvet Acid Christ - "Fun With Knives"

Velvet Acid Christ - "Pretty Toy"

Vent - "Latitude"

Vex - "Frontiers and New Technologies"

Vision Talk - "Unlike"

Viva Stereo - "Try Harder"

VNV Nation - "Advance and Follow"

VNV Nation - "Advance and Follow (v2)"

VNV Nation - "Beloved.1"

VNV Nation - "Dark Angel"

VNV Nation - "Empires" (R)

VNV Nation - "Futureperfect"

VNV Nation - "Genesis.0 (promo only)"

VNV Nation - "PastPerfect" (DVD)

VNV Nation - "Praise The Fallen" (R)

VNV Nation - "Solitary EP" (R)

VNV Nation - "Standing"

VNV Nation - "Standing (Burning Empires)"

Void Construct - "Estramay Aleph"

Void Construct - "Sensory Division"

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Wave - "The Mother and The Whore"

Whiteberg - "Dougy's Mind"

whiteberggurdjieffouspenskimarinettiwhite - "tao te ching"

Williamson, Matt - "Dead City Music"

WMTID - "Pale Saint"

Wrangler - "LA Spark" (R)

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Xeno & Oaklander - "Sets and Lights"

XP8 - "Drop The Mask"

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Yellow6 - "Music for Pleasure"

Yellow6 - "Overtone"

Yellow6 - "source:remix"

Yellow6 - "When The Leaves Fall Like Snow"

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Zynic - "Dreams In Black And White"

Zynic - "Fire Walk With Me" (R)

Zynic - "My Personal Kryptonite"

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2 by bukowski - "What a long, strange journey this has been" (R)

6th Sense Approach - "Relax 2000"

µ-ziq - "royal astronomy"

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Compilations/Soundtracks (OST)

Aktion Mekanik

Black Snow (R)

Black Snow 2 (R)

Cause + Effect (R)

Club Bizarre 2

Cracking the Code: Tribute to Kraftwerk

Cryonica Tanz V.1

Cyberpolis: A Darker Dance Floor

Day Dreaming (Bedroom Ambience 2)

Defcon 1 - Industrial Dawn


Dependence Volume 2

Dystopian Visions


edge of the night: russian gothic compilation (R)

8-Bit Operators: Enjoy The Science: Tribute to Depeche Mode

8-Bit Operators: The Music of Kraftwerk (R)

8-bit Tribute to The Smiths, An


Elektrisch! 2

Friends Are Electric Vol. 1 - Home

Hackers (OST)

Keep Britain Tidy - A Public Service Announcement With Guitars

Krafty Moves

Latitude (R)


Megazone23 III (OST)

Melodies and Structures - Volume 1

Metatoys Vol. 1 (R)

Noise Terror Volume One

Noise Terror 2: World Wide Electronics

OMD: Of All The Things We've Made

110 Below: No Sleeve Notes Required

Original Soundtracks 1

Random (02) mixes of Gary Numan

Reproduktion 13 (R)

Rivet Head Culture

Sacrilege - A Tribute To Front 242

Septic (R)

Septic II

Septic III

Septic IV

Septic V

Septic VI

Septic VII (R)

Shock Electronik


Synth Wave Volume 1 (R)

This Is Hardcore


There Are Far Too Many Fools Following Too Many Rules

Une Saison En Enfer

Working With Children & Animals - Volume 1

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