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[in a beautiful place out in the country sleeve]"in a beautiful place out in the country" (Single, 2000) !DSO Recommended!


This single from Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin (aka Boards of Canada) is preceisely the territory Warp should be exploring to take their label forward. Four glorious compositions that, like the images of everyday life that fill the packaging, capture something about the human spirit that is as uplifting as it is reflective. Elegant, atmospheric audioscapes drift by like fluffy white clouds in a blue on blue sky. Moving and clever, each of the tracks has its own character but, like the people and their lives they seem to be writing about, there is that indefinable something that somehow links them together. They're all the products of the same fundamental building blocks.

kid for today begins our journey and immediately sets the tone with a digital wind blowing, muted, slow beats and emotional organs. It's as though David Lynch has managed to come to terms with his troubled thoughts - the darkness still evident but under control. A heavily vocodered voice fades in and out of conciousness on in a beautiful place out in the country but is so subdued its effect is almost subliminal. zoetrope has as its base a mesmerising looping metronomic chime reminiscent of the b-side to Kraftwerk's Autobahn album. For me the most affecting sounds are from amo bishop roden. Music that can make you weep and yet feel so glad to be alive. Beautiful (no pun intended) is the only word that comes close. Peaceful, laid-back, thoughful, intelligent, exhilirating and inspirational. 8/10

Rob Dyer (January 2001)

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