[Bondism sleeve]"Wild Is The World" (Demo, 2002)


(Anonymously) masterminded by former Mute artist Jason (Parallax) Young, the short-lived Bondism project was an enticing one. Singer/songwriter/musician/producer Young would be the driving force behind a name that put co-writer and singer 'Stephanie' and the music up front - the initial concept being a compilation album based around original compositions inspired by the James Bond films and soundtracks.

Unfortunately, this four-track demo is as far as the project got despite discussions with, and interest from, other artists having been solicited and given - Wave announced that they were to contribute a track to the compilation entitled Property of A Lady (taken from an Ian Fleming James Bond short story.) The style on the titluar Wild Is The World is a good stab at chilled Bond music. The lyrics are remarkably convincing ("Wild is the world when your hands are stained with blood, and wild is the world when death is your best friend"), although the composition itself is more incidental than the typically bombastic theme we've come to expect from Bond films over the years.

Here's A Place weaves John Barry touches around the titular chorus line but that's all the 'Bondisms' you get here. Again, the minimalist production approach is way more stripped back than your average Bond film score. The final two tracks are simply 'd&b instrumentals' of both songs that only confirm that they were right to lead with Wild Is The World. I've not seen or heard of Young since this demo, but I'm sure here's out there somewhere with his creativity still bubbling away. 5/10

Rob Dyer (January, 2009)