[Boole sleeve]Self-Titled (Album, 2001)

Dancing Bull

If blue aliens dressed as Elvis, singing songs called Disco Vampyre sounds like your kinda thing, then you might wanna check this out. Otherwise, I suggest giving this a wider birth than the next Garth Brooks album. From the dreadful sleeve design (it was only when I read the sleeve notes that I realised this band were called Boole and not 'Boote') to the finished product - it's all amateur hour nonsense.

Boole are brothers Brad, Mike and J.J. Barkett whose malformed combination of synths, samplers and saxophones results in tongue-firmly-in-cheek trash electro punk. Kraftjob which blends blatant, huge samples from Kraftwerk and haujobb together into some sort of bastard remix is the only saving grace on this embarrassing release - because it's two other bands simply welded together. Three brothers collaborating could, theoretically, produce some sort of marvellously creative synergy. On the other hand, there are times when keeping it in the family, like say in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is not a good idea. This is one of those times. 3/10

Rob Dyer

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