[Adventures in No-Fi sleeve]"Adventures in No-Fi" (Album, 2004)

Stray Dog

Wait a second... What's that? According to the official Deathsquad website, covert missions have ceased operating as of 2005. 50 releases over 10 years. Can't say I'm desperate to get my hands on a further 50 but Deathsquad will be missed. If not for the quality of their music but for their 'What rules?!' attitude. No studio, no production, no budget, no-fi. RIP. 6/10

Rob Dyer (July 2007)

Deathsquad Milk The Prostate"Milk The Prostate" (EP, 2003)

Stray Dog

Six-track EP celebrating ten years of low life, low-fi gutter electro punk garbage from Thug D, Blade and Kyriascum, aka Deathsquad.

The first two tracks are taken from their brilliantly titled Meat Is Moida album. Tracks three to six are rare and previously unreleased but no less worthwhile. Battle Royale uses samples from the manic Japanese film of the same name - one you suspect the Deathsquad members probably love. Peaceful is especially unconventional (and, yes, peaceful) by Deathsquad standards. It's virtually a romantic ballard. 6/10

Rob Dyer (February 2006)

[Centipede Strapon Masquerade sleeve] TITLE="Centipede Strapon Masquerade" (Album, 2001)

Stray Dog

They may have belatedly moved up to the compact disc format (only almost twenty years after its introduction, at this rate they should be onto MP3s by 2020), but the quality of production isn't what you'd label DDD. The feelings one experiences as a result of listening to Deathsquad's music are secondary to the reason they produce it in the first place.

Centipede Strapon Masquerade exists to remind anyone willing to listen just how much fucked up stuff is going on around us. From the surprisingly darkwave piece Error 404 to the acoustic guitar only Sickhead Conspiracy this album shows a range to Deathsquad not hiterto experienced. But fear not, they've not sold out. Hell no. Their commentary on the world around them is as acerbic, witty and clever as ever. The eight minute monotone monotony of Slaystation: "Slaystation, zombie nation" says it all really. 5/10

Rob Dyer (February 2006)

[The Graveyard Shift sleeve]"The Graveyard Shift EP" (Cassette EP, 2001)

Self Released

The black and white photocopied cassette at the centre of the Deathsquad package that arrived at the DSO offices was an unusually low-fi but welcome piece of self promotion. No money wasted on packaging then, but just check out those great tracks titles: I Am The Weekend Armchair Warfare Fan, Let Them Eat Crap and, my personal favourite, Connex South Central.

The band call their sound electro-punk, but it's more punk then electro. Apart from attending the odd Organ label gig, I didn't realise that the late 70s/early 80s punk DIY attitude still manifested itself in such a raw way on the music scene in the UK. The packaging here takes me back to the days of local drug noise merchants Penis Bollocka and Bowie Madonna Deathtrash. The recording quality is dismal - but then this probably wouldn't work as a shiny, digital CD anyhow. 4/10

Rob Dyer

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