[ sleeve]"Diefenbach" (Album, 2001)

Display (CD)/Speakerphone (vinyl)

On planet Diefenbach, five blokes originally from Copenhagen, Holland, Earth, live creative lives in which there is no pressure to conform or deliver. The only thing that interests them is doing what they all enjoy doing. Writing and performing the type of music they like. Fortunately, their music is good.

This self-titled debut album demonstrates that there was a fine line between what these guys produced and what recognised artists like Tortoise or Mouse on Mars, even God Speed You Black Emperor were up to around the same time. But there's more of a slacker attitude, like art school dropouts doped up but operating in the chilled zone. This sensibility reflected in the fact that their name is appropriated from the character Reilly Diefenbach who features in the Coen Borthers' Fargo. This portfolio of early instrumental pieces shows signs of artists yet to hit their stride although a distinctive style was already emerging. 6/10

Rob Dyer (February 2006)