[New Dawn sleeve]"New Dawn " (EP, 2009)

Progressive Productions

Swedish two-piece Dupont date back to 1999, their first release, the EP Behave coming by way of German label Life Is Painful in 2000. Then they were a three-piece, now they are a leaner but not meaner duo comprising Riccardo who handles the vocals and Dannuci who fiddles with the machines. Officially, this is an EP but it's only three tracks, and each a different mix of the same song. So not exactly a stunning, value-packed extended player. Aimed at the dancefloor with remixes from NecroFacility's Oscar Holter and new Swedish act Titans, of the three variants, Dupont's own vanilla 'Album version' is the best. 6/10

Rob Dyer (January, 2010)