Future Perfect

[Cover art]"Escape" (Album, 2012)


Taking their name from a tense of time, Briton's Simon Owen and Rebecca Morgan, aka Future Perfect have just released Escape their second album. As such its not a bad long player. Conzoom has sensibly hedged its bets with a physical release, marketed as a 'limited edition' CD, which includes the ten tracks found on the digital download, plus two exclusive bonus tracks.

War of Words is a solid opener and wise choice for kicking off the album. The electropop numbers (including the title track) are typical of the genre (with a different voice and a guitar Light could almost be a Tenek track) and if you were to catch them live, there's definitely some crowd pleasers in here, but, for me, it is the tracks that take a slightly different (slightly darker) path that are more interesting and the most successful. Songs like Silent ScreamComplicated Machine, and (the vaguely Ashbury Heightsesque) Saint Perfect suggest that whilst their influences may lie firmly in one genre, Future Perfect's best chances of making a bigger impact are by channelling those influences into focusing on their more thoughtful moments. 7/10

Rob Dyer (November 2012)