Hanzel und Gretyl

[Scheiss Messiah sleeve]"Scheiss Messiah " (Album, 2004)


Yes, that is "Shit Messiah", and with a track entitled Disko Fire Scheiss Messiah it's hard not to like (American outfit) Hanzel und Gretyl. Kaiser von Loopy, Anna K and crew have been pumping out their deliciously camp and OTT goth rock for some time and the've got the look and the delivery down pat.

Virtually every song has a chorus and ending that repeats (loudly) a three-word phrase, in BLOCK CAPITALS, and finishes with an exclamation mark! or two!! The simple lyrics are offset by an extravagant dress sense, and it is heartening to see folk not afraid, in this age of ridiculous political correctness, to flirt with nazi imagery. Ridiculously entertaining. 6/10

Rob Dyer (June, 2005)

Official Hanzel und Gretyl website: http://www.hanzelundgretyl.com