[Other Mystic Territories/Censored Frequencies sleeve]"Other Mystic Territories/Censored Frequencies" (Double Album, 2002)

Divine Comedy

This double CD digipak release on the French Divine Comedy label is an uncommon blend of various industrial sub-genres. It is perhaps closest to the rhythmic noise side of things with some dark electro woven in for good measure. Tricky to categorise it may be, but it's easy to like. At times it recalls Velvet Acid Christ's less tuneful excursions. This isn't as dark, heavy or as intense as you might expect, perhaps because H.I.V.+ constantly try to push their approach into new areas.

Their success comes out of what they manage to achieve with overly familiar elements - the results are never stale or predictable. The first disc (Other Mystic Frequencies) is in collboration with Wired Brain. Tracks like Taliban's End fleetingly recall the epic works of Muslimgauze. The second disc (Censored Frequencies) features 16 remixed tracks with additional production by guest artists including Mimetic, Dive, Celluloid Mata, Mlada Fronta and Sonar. An impressive release that, with 25 tracks in total, offers great value too. 7/10

Rob Dyer