[The Alternative sleeve]"The Alternative" (Album, 2007) !DSO Recommended!

Major Records (EU)/Metropolis (US)

Emotion-laden, heart-wrenching songs of aching loveliness from former Sneaker Pimps guitarist Chris Corner. Corner's voice is quite distinctive and possibly not to everyone's tastes, but even if you have reservations don't let them sway you off giving this boy a good hearing. Better still, go and see IAMX live. If after that experience you are still unmoved then you are indeed a lost cause. Completely overturning the common belief of 'the difficult second album' syndrome, this second long player from Corner's alter ago is scarily infectious and addictive, and manages to out-do the 2004 debut Kiss + Swallow. I was instantly converted. Perhaps you can be too. Go on, life's better with IAMX in it that out of it, I can vouch for that. 8/10

Rob Dyer (May, 2010)

Official website: http://iamx.eu