[Jensen sleeve]"Zero One [Redux]" (EP, 2014)

Armalyte Industries

As if sharing a name with a cult car company wasn't already enough, this Andrew Jensen fella doesn't half know how to write a tune or two. Brought to our attention by the long running, and still very independent Armalyte Industries label, Jensen is evidence that AI's steadily expanding roster isn't at the expense of quality. 

When Jensen sings “We disintegrate into time”, on the curiously unconventional opening song Ghosts, there's a sense that not only does he understand the transitory nature of the music world, but simply accepts that fate and gets on regardless, delivering some inventive alt-rock in only two and a half minutes. The Corruptor takes a more familiar structural approach but the delivery carries with it a full-fisted punch to the face; likely to be the track (cover version aside) that receives the most exposure. Stars catches expectation off guard for a third time, with Jensen's skill for crafting a memorable chorus coming to the fore once more, with some seriously searing guitar work throughout. 

Three label mates indulge in some remix action. On Ghosts there's a tasty take by the reliable Je$us Loves Amerika and the demon-summoning i! Have A Ouija Board Mix by i!, and an a slightly bonkers, yet successful, remix by Digicore of The Corruptor

Then there's Jensen's cover version of Duran Duran's Wild Boys is astonishing. What could have easily been a self-inflicted car crash improves upon the original – pretty much in every department! At last, decent vocals doing justice to the lyrics. It's everything it always a should have been. I cannot bear to listen to the DD one – it's just embarrassing. This one? It's fucking brilliant (check out the promo video.) The three other tunes crafted by Jensen's own dexterous hands confirm a naturally gifted talent at work and one that deserves serious attention. 8/10 

Rob Dyer (November 2014)