Leech Woman

[Three 3 Zero sleeve]"Three 3 Zero" (Album, 2001)

Quai Loah Records

It only takes the opening seconds of first track Tool to demonstrate why Leech Woman remain at the forefront of the metal banging industrial scene. Nobody does it better than Leech Woman and this album proves it. Produced by Wajid Yaseen of 2nd Gen, Three 3 Zero is ten tracks of pure adrenalin. Who needs a drum machine when you've got 'Rhythm Creator' Rog doing his thing? I LOVE those gas cylinders! Alex B (Bass guitar and main throat) throws us harsh, distored vocals, but these are far better than most who simply use the technique to cover up shortcomings in talent. You can clearly hear the lyrics, and what's more they're actually worth hearing.

The album proves just how creative the metal banging genre can be. Bound and Blind features Nick Potts on guest vocals and the change is readily apparent. The only problem is, musically, this is probably the weakest track. There's a core of eight tracks, plus the Second Generation remix of Fedrill, Kincaid (not otherwise on the album) in a Gabriel Unseated Mix, and an unlisted instrumental 'track 23' that sounds like a post apocalyptic wind. Recommended and not just to those who like their industrial music sweaty and loud. Explore. 7/10

Rob Dyer