Mary X

[My Perfect Desire sleeve]"My Perfect Desire" (Album, 2006)

Ray-Gun Records

On the borderline of DSO's scope but accepted into the fold on account of the presence of Matt Williamson, collaborator with Jon Black, forming the original Wave line up, and a solo artist. Only, unlike those other incarnations, this is a major let down. Worse than that, it's a tad embarrassing. Like competent pub rockers have attempted to step up to another level and failed.

A cover of Iggy and The Stooges' I Just Wanna Be Your Dog is a mildly diverting having been converted into I Just Wanna Be Your Dub, but all the other original compositions sound just like what they probably are - the conjoining of three disparate individuals' tastes in music that only fleeting ever meet with success. Opener A Jealous Rage sounds like a mid-career New Order demo discarded through lack of interest, the balladering on title track My Perfect Desire is about the best formula utilised, and instrumental Laura is perhaps the most convincing melding of the various influences. But it all sounds very dated - like 80s Bunnymen or something. The (rare these days) triggering synths that crop up throughout are a particularly curious throwback. Seriously hampered too by amateurish production. In a word: disappointing. 5/10

Rob Dyer (December 2008)