[Original Soundtracks 1 sleeve]"Original Soundtracks 1" (Compilation album, 1995)


Such disperate artists as Brian Eno, Bono, Luciano Pavarotti, Howie B among others famously came together under the banner "Passengers" for this excursion into film music. Unfiortunately, the idea seems more inspired than the execution. A selection of films (taking in documentary, animated, comedy, science fiction, drama and experimental) from around the world are represented on this album. Similarly, the music reflects this diverse range of genres and the themes contained in each of the films.

Despite the portentious (some might say pretentious) collaborations and their aspirations, Original Soundtracks 1 comes out sounding none too different from any number of movie compilation albums, even if the intention was to create a cohesive, selective approach to each of the tracks included here. It has no more coherence or purpose than those it seems set upon trying to better. As a result most individuals are unlikely to like all 14 tracks. There is one great moment - Slug from the German film of the same title briefly sounds like Kraftwerk at their finest. Then Bono's vocals come in and bring it down to a more conventional level. Others are good if not awe-inspiring. It passes the time but in a world with so much great music it just doesn't make the grade. Better, perhaps, as an idea in someone's head than a recording on CD.  5/10

Rob Dyer