[Big Bad City sleeve]"Big Bad City" (Promo EP, 2003)


Making a deal of hailing from Vancouver, home to such key electro-industrial acts like Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, Numb, Delerium and Will, as part of your marketing ploy could be a risky business. But it would only be a foolish decision if the act being promoted wasn't up to sharing the same page as such illustrious names. Fortunate for S.V.D., Dependent and the listener then that S.V.D. can hold their own in such company. Big Bad City was a promotional-only CD aimed at generating a buzz among the scene's DJs and club nights for S.V.D.'s debut (2003) album Hope. But the band's stalled career since the release of Hope, their dropping from label Dependent and subsequent decline into obscurity only goes to prove that you can never be sure which acts will make it and which won't.

Three mixes of Big Bad City, one of Hope and first appearance of Something Inside, all demonstrate that there was plenty of imaginative range (from aggressive industrial through to dark ambient soundscapes) vested in S.V.D. only to see it wither before they had a chance to flourish. Far lesser bands, who also shared Dependent's patronage, went on to release a never ending stream of mediocre music whilst the abilities of this lot went largely uncelebrated. 7/10

Rob Dyer (March, 2008)