Method Cell

[Curse of A Modern Age sleeve]"Curse of A Modern Age" (Album, 2010)

Rebco Records

Polished ten track debut from British male two-piece wears its influences on it sleeve but brings enough of its own character to withstand flattering comparisons with largely European electro outfits like Rotersand and Destroid. I'm surprised they haven't managed to secure a place on a bigger label as I think Method Cell’s potential is pretty clear. However, in finding London label Rebco, who also have Deviant UK, Global Citizen and Pro-jekt on their books, it does seem like a good inital home.

Equally accomplished playing at either end of the industrial synthcore tempo spectrum, there’s a welcome attention to production details - a distinguishing asset and although often multi-layered, most songs manage to come across as fully formed ideas thanks largely to some strong melodies and rhythm tracks. The glow-stick crowd should lap this up and there’s certainly potential for creating a good live experience (not yet sampled myself) if only Alex and Apollos can manage to avoid the live presentational shortcomings of many electronic duos. A lot of this would make a great soundtrack to a first-person sci-fi shoot ‘em up video game, and (if they aren’t already) Method Cell should be looking to license tracks to software houses to help raise some well-deserved funds. 7/10

Rob Dyer (December 2010)

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